Daily Collegian

Since 1887, the perennially youthful journalists of The Daily Collegian and its forebears have recorded the first draft of the history of Penn State and its students. Throughout its history, students have run both the editorial and business sides of the enterprise, aided by a small staff providing management, professional advice and technical support. In […]

St. John Catholic Church

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Bellefonte, established in 1828, is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Centre County. Catholics began settling in the county in the early 1800s. By 1824, the number had grown large enough to warrant a priest from Bedford visiting Bellefonte regularly on mission stops. Mass was said at a […]

Emmanuel Union Church

Emmanuel Union Church in Tusseyville, founded in 1810, is one of the oldest churches in Centre County and for many years was one of the last remaining “union” churches, serving both Lutheran and United Church of Christ congregations.

Weather World

On-air meteorologist presents forecast while cameraman films

Weather World is a weekday weather telecast begun in 1957 by Charles Hosler, dean of Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, who wanted to provide more accurate forecasts for Pennsylvanians. Since its inception, many professional meteorologists have received their initial television experience on Weather World and have gone on to provide forecasts for […]

Civilian Conservation Corps

The Civilian Conservation Corps was a government jobs program, conceived during the Great Depression, that put thousands of unemployed men to work primarily in state and national parks and forests, including four sites in Centre County. The CCC was one of the New Deal government programs that President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed soon after taking […]