Day of Caring

A Million Thanks!!

Centre County United Way 30th Annual Day of Caring
At the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School
Thursday, October 5, 2023

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

Our sincere gratitude to the over 200 individuals, organizations and businesses who volunteered and contributed to the 2023 United Way Day of Caring at the Centre Furnace Mansion and the Boogersburg School historic sites.

This was a highly successful and productive day and included much weeding, mulching, staining, trail work, Furnace Stack and other clean-up, and good cheer!

The Centre County Historical Society benefits tremendously from this special day at the Mansion. The impact on the maintenance and beautification of the sites, seen especially in the landscape, has been immeasurable. Both the Centre Furnace Mansion and Boogersburg School look splendid, spruced up and ready for another year of visitors and activities!

THANK YOU CENTRE COUNTY UNITED WAY! and PNC Bank For all of the efforts and support that goes into hosting the Day of Caring. We are grateful for the opportunity to be one of the many host sites for the PNC United Way Day of Caring in the past 30 years. Through the Day of Caring, Centre County United Way has completed over 4000 projects, enlisted over 70,000 volunteers, and saved Centre County non-profit organizations over 10 million dollars since it began.

Oh behalf of the Board of Governors of the Centre County Historical Society, we extend our warmest appreciation to Centre County United Way and to all [outlined below] who have graciously donated materials and/or took time from your busy schedules to join us on the Day of Caring and make it a highly productive day!


With gratitude,
Mary Sorensen
Executive Director
Centre County Historical Society

Our special thanks to all whose leadership, community spirit and contributions have made the day’s activities productive and memorable:

Cutting Edge Tree Service
Penn State Office of Physical Plant Grounds Maintenance

Bellefonte Area High School
Centre County Historical Society Volunteers
Ferguson Township
First National Bank
McQuaide Blasko
Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Penn State Office of Physical Plant, Buildings and Grounds
Penn State Naval ROTC
Penn State Women’s Lacrosse
State College Area School District, Delta Program Middle School
WPSU Penn State

Ferguson Township

Kristina Bassett
Fallecia Ehrmann

JoAnna Harter
Kara Holliday

Chief John Petrick
Lisa Ruhf

First National Bank

Matt Christopher
Sherri Corl
Kevin DiLorenzo
Mike Grubor
Tina Kennemuth

Scott Leaper
Adam Marangoni
Laura Medvitz
Ashley Miller
Danielle Sprenkle

Zach Unch
Aaron Whysong
Shelly Wike
Koren Woy-Smith

McQuaide Blasko | Attorneys at Law in Central Pennsylvania

Paul Miles
Jill Bookwalter
Stephanie Morey

Theresa Harris
Carina Davis
Emily Ishler

Philip Cahill
Katelyn Maltais

Naval ROTC Penn State

Marshall Austin
Hadleigh Averna
Chase Baxter
Karl Benson
Joshua Broadt
Jarren Burleson
Aiden Burt
Logan Carrick
Madison Chlystek
Julie Claycomb
William Clifford
Ben Converse
Ellen Creighton
Matheus Cuellar-Pereira
Patrick Dab
Tino Daiute

Thomas Davis
Luke Demers
Nicholas DiFabbio
Paul Donnelly
Andre Duroseau
Sarah Elgohry
David Elliot
Steven Emrick
Calvin Engbrecht
Joseph Ewing
Matthew Farnsworth
Meredith Frey
Wyatt Fritsch
Matthew Galleher
Emmanuel Geishauser
Nicholas George

Gabriel Gonda
Evan Gracia
Ethan Grandgeorge
Yiyang Guo
Alexis Gustavson
Jeremy Hachrel
Ansley Haught
Zachary Herzog
Dylan Jennings
Andrew Johnson
Braden Johnson
Sean Kim
Matthew Knepp
Albireo Knight-Rubino
Alex Landis

Penn State College of Health and Human Development

Lee Carpenter
Joni Davis
Lisa Davis
Matt Dunmire
Jackie Golas
Diane Jankura
Heather Low

Kate Lynn Luzier
Dennis Maney
Jamie McClintock Brenner
Joe Miller
Kathy Randolph
Brad Seyler
Niharika Sharma

Colby Sinclair
Jason Susko
Heather Taylor
Melissa Wetzel
Corey Wilkinson

Penn State Women’s Lacrosse

Kayla Abernathy
Ashley Bowen
Gianna Cutaia

Sammy Dupcak
Gretchen Gilmore
Alaina Hamood

Ally Lipkin
Kristin O’Neill
Naomi Radio

WPSU Penn State

Don Bedell
Sarah Caterson
Susan Chyczewski
Tamra Fatemi

Brooke Greybush
Toni Irvin
Jessica O’Brien
Isabel Reinert

Ellen Rodgers
Joseph Savino
Marci Tomasacci

We extend special thanks to our CCHS volunteer colleagues for all of their planning and coordinating of efforts ahead of time for all of the projects that we are able to complete on the Day of Caring.

Frank Barksdale
Michael Canich
Becky Dreese
Katie Frieden
Steve Gentry
Judy Heberling
Mike Husband
Chris Igo
Kathy Johnston
Beverly Lipski
Ruth Merritt
Ann Moellenbrock
Kim Patti
Sharon Phillips
Geri Reeve

Lynn Royse
Paul Scanlon
Brian Sedgwick
Mary Sorensen
Annie Taylor
Suzanne Thompson
Jan Villastrigo
Paula Wilson
Food and Supply Donations:
Elizabeth Dutton
Katie Frieden
Judy Heberling
Mike Husband
Chris Igo
Deb McManus

Jo Merrell
Ruth Merritt
Ann Moellenbrock
Gloria Nieweg
Fran Nuhfer
Ford Risley
Mary Sorensen
Annie Taylor
Suzanne Thompson

CCHS Staff Members
Mary Sorensen
Johanna Sedgwick