About Us

Founded in 1904, the Centre County Historical Society (CCHS) is the oldest and largest history organization in the county, serving as the official historical society of Centre County. It is a membership and volunteer based educational non-profit organization that works collaboratively with local, regional, county and state organizations to preserve and promote the area’s historic, cultural, and natural resources through programs and exhibitions, archival and artifact collections, and publications. ​

CCHS owns and manages the historic Centre Furnace Mansion and grounds and the Boogersburg One-room School.


Centre County Historical Society mission is to collect, interpret, preserve and promote Centre County’s cultural and natural heritage.


Centre County Historical Society aspires to enrich the lives of the public by telling the story of the county’s unique past. Through our programs, collections, and facilities, we promote a strong sense of place for a diverse Centre County. We seek to build a critical understanding of our past for both engaging the issues of the present and guaranteeing a future which preserves our heritage.