The Cannon Postcard Collection of Centre County Pennsylvania

In 2001, Elizabeth Cannon of State College donated her collection of 844 picture postcards to the Centre County Historical Society, dating from 1900 to 1965, from all the towns and villages of Centre County. CCHS archives volunteer, Monty Christiansen, spent nearly three years cataloging this collection uncovering fascinating county history disclosed on both sides of […]

2020 John H. Ziegler Historic Preservation Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the John H. Ziegler Historic Preservation Awards of the Centre County Historical Society! Since 1988, through the John H. Ziegler Annual Historic Preservation Awards, CCHS honors members and organizations who have contributed in some way to the preservation of Centre County History. Learn more!

Brief Penn State History

Centre Furnace ironmasters James Irvin and Moses Thompson’s longest-lasting contribution to the economic well-being of Centre County was not iron, but support of agriculture and education. In 1855 their offer of land and money beat out six other counties vying for the attention of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Society. The Society built their Farmers’ High School […]

Her Stories

Her Stories: Documenting the Role of Women in Local History Alice Irvin Thompson “Hers was a great, full, unselfish, noble, and rich life. She is one of the World War II casualties…many of us less worthy should always keep her example before us. It was a high privilege to know her.” This statement, expressed by […]

Historic Houses in the Spring Creek Watershed

There is a rich collection of historic houses in the Spring Creek Watershed, some of them more than 200 years old. They range from individual properties located on or near Spring Creek or its tributaries to those included in the historic villages and towns that evolved from original small settlements. They are significant through their […]

Iron Glossary of Terms

bar iron: a smaller size of raw iron than a pig, easier to handle by blacksmiths. Some bar iron also went to rolling mills, which rolled the iron into much smaller thicknesses, or slitting mills, which made iron rods for products like nails or wire bellows: a device that contracts a current or air through […]

The Spring Creek Watershed Atlas

With the help of conservation-focused nonprofit organizations, environmental educators, and county conservation districts, the Spring Creek Watershed Atlas provides the tools you need to build a comprehensive understanding of the interconnecting systems that make up our watershed. This website, containing a wealth of educational resources concerning the Spring Creek Watershed, is designed to serve the […]