#3 Kitchen Garden & Spring House

The Centre Furnace Mansion Kitchen Garden has been a favorite garden feature of the Mansion’s grounds. The garden’s hardscaping has been in need of repair and improvement. This need is now urgent after necessary damage to the garden occurred as a result of the first phase of the Mansion’s restoration work. Estimated at $10,000, our […]

#1 Front Parlor Garden

Early photographs from the 1880s and 1890s show a garden in front of the Mansion, located near the steps that led guests from the circular driveway to the front staircase. It had become overgrown with, among many things, Lilies of the Valley and a menacing rosebush when Centre Furance Mansion gardener Margery Johnstone and her […]

#2 Laura’s Lilac Bower

A gift for the purchase and planting of approximately three dozen period lilacs was given to the Centre County Historical Society in 2005 to honor Laura Bower with her favorite flower. This rich collection, given in her memory by her son, Jeffrey M. Bower, has been named Laura’s Lilac Bower. Lilac varieties have been chosen […]

#4 Gazebo Garden

Many, many people have helped in the restoration of the Centre Furnace Mansion and grounds for public use, but few have given more commitment than Lois and Everett McLaughlin. In 1993, a memorial gift of a gazebo was given in Lois’s honor as a lasting tribute, given by the McLaughlin family – Everett, children Elliot […]