Architectural Resources in the CCHS Collections & Online

CCHS Library and Archives:

1. Comprehensive Historic Site Surveys for boroughs and townships in Centre County

2. National Register of Historic Places nomination forms for Centre County

3. Books and articles related to architecture and landscape architecture

4. Mansion within a Mansion: a booklet about the miniature Centre Furnace Mansion model

5. Homestead and Streetscape: A Guide to Centre County Architecture a project by the Centre County Historical Society and the Centre County Library.

6. Historic photographs, postcards and slides of buildings in Centre County

7. Jackie’s Joinery – permanent exhibition of 18th and 19th traditional building tools at the Centre Furnace Mansion

8. CCHS Contemporary Homes Committee exhibit binders and photos donated by Robert Malcom:

A. William Hajjar

Philip H. Hallock

Kenneth J. Heidrich

M. Robert Des Marais

Cuthbert and Christine Salmon

9. Architectural drawings and information about local architects:

Dean Kennedy

  • Early Connecticut Architecture: Series of measured drawings in a folder, by J. Frederick Kelly AIA; published 1931
  • Portfolio of architectural drawings by Dean Kennedy, AIA. Primarily homes in Centre, Clearfield, and Mifflin counties. 1936-1949

Lawrence Kocher

  • Master’s Thesis – The Character & Development of Colonial Architecture in Center [sic] County, Pennsylvania, 1916
  • “The Character and Development of Colonial Architecture in Centre County, Pennsylvania.” Centre County Heritage, vol. 30, nos. 1&2. 1994

Clarence M. Bauchspies Collection

  • Over 250 architectural drawings from the early to mid-20th century.


1. CCHS Website: In process of reconstructing architecture pieces from old website. Search for “architecture” in the search box.

2. Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project: A free, publicly searchable Internet database of architectural and historical information and images for structures throughout Pennsylvania with links to the American Architects and Buildings database containing more than 266,820 projects and buildings, 26,626 architects, engineers and contractors, and over 148,958 images.

3. Cultural Resources Geographic Information System: CRGIS is a map-based inventory of the historic and archaeological sites and surveys stored in the files of the Bureau for Historic Preservation.

4. Pennsylvania Architectural Field Guide: Website created by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission’s Bureau for Historic Preservation to provide a general background on the architectural types and styles prevalent in our state.

5. Vernacular Architecture Forum: Dedicated to the appreciation and study of ordinary buildings and landscapes. Established in 1979, VAF is composed of scholars from many fields, including history, architectural history, geography, anthropology, sociology, landscape history, historic preservation, and material culture studies