List of Iron Products

1780s: Hammers, anvils, pots, forge castings

1800s: Dutch ovens, hollow ware, pots, skillets, kettles, lids, flat irons, wheelbarrow wheels, sash weights, wagon boxes, mill screws, mill nuts, teakettles, irons, clock weights, forge castings, anvils, bake plates,

1810s: Backs and jambs, clock weights, sash weights, street grates, stew pans, pots, mortars, hardware, waffle irons, hollow ware, fireplaces, mandrels, wagon irons, skillets, anvils, cambooses, moldboards, mill gudgeons, bake plates

1820s: Grindstone wheels, mortars and pestles, corn-plow machines, turning lathes, apple-drying kilns, sash weights, small wheels, tires, anvils, rolling mill castings, landsides, wing gudgeons, moldboards, plaster mills

1830s: Furnace grates, sash weights, plow castings, mold boards, oil troughs, anvils, threshing machines, griddles, shelling machines, wagon boxes, bake plates, landsides, sifter grates

1840s: Plow castings, iron blocks, plow handle pieces, beams, moldboards, landsides

Source: Walker, Joseph E. Hopewell Village: The Dynamics of a Nineteenth-Century Iron-Making Community. (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1966.)