The Centre County Encyclopedia of History & Culture provides an authoritative look at the county’s past. The encyclopedia explores the county's history and culture, in all its variety, through topics and themes. It debuted on October 3, 2021, with 101 articles. New content is added monthly.

The encyclopedia is sponsored by the Centre County Historical Society. It won a 2022 Institutional Award of Merit from PA Museums, Pennsylvania’s statewide trade association serving museum professionals and institutions.

Mission & Goals

The mission of the encyclopedia is to share reliable and current information about historically significant events, groups, people, places, and things in Centre County. 

Goals that support the mission:

  • Develop a collaborative project that utilizes the expertise of individuals and groups
  • Provide authoritative information on a range of topics and themes
  • Create a web-based platform that is regularly updated to serve the needs of users

Standards & Practices

The encyclopedia follows accepted scholarly standards in the research, documentation, and presentation of content. All entries have been carefully reviewed and edited for accuracy, clarity, objectivity, and completeness.  Errors of fact or interpretation in the research and writing of articles will be investigated and corrected if required. 



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The encyclopedia website is made possible in part through a grant provided by the Centre County Board of Commissioners and the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau.