Centre County Courthouse

The Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, built in 1805, is one of the county’s most historic landmarks. The courthouse has been transformed over the years with additions and renovations. The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial and Andrew G. Curtin statue, dedicated in 1906, stand in front of the building framing it from High Street. Erected five […]

State Correctional Institution-Rockview

State Correctional Institution-Rockview is a century-old penitentiary on state Route 26. Its designation as the site of executions and its more than 70 years as a prison farm have established its place in Pennsylvania’s penal history. One of 24 state correctional institutions, the 4,269-acre facility has a capacity of 2,032 adult male inmates in maximum- […]

Andrew G. Curtin

Andrew Curtin portrait

Andrew Gregg Curtin was the governor of Pennsylvania during the Civil War and one of President Abraham Lincoln’s staunchest supporters. Curtin was born in Bellefonte on April 22, 1815. His father, Roland Curtin, owned the Eagle Ironworks, and his mother, Jane Gregg, was the daughter of U.S. Senator Andrew Gregg, Curtin’s namesake. Curtin attended Bellefonte […]