Ag Hill

Ag Hill is the name of the collection of Penn State’s early buildings that supported the School of Agriculture and the university’s mission as a land-grant college. Many of the buildings still remain, although most are used for other purposes.


Over-the-air television came to Centre County on September 15, 1949, as WJAC began “telecasting” from Johnstown. Originally assigned to channel 13, WJAC switched in 1955 to channel 6, a more favorable frequency.


The history of radio in Centre County has been shaped by technological developments, social change, and commercial interests. Radio is an intimate medium, and local stations are often the only stations available to listeners, even as they are shaped by distant economic trends and federal regulation.

Weather World

On-air meteorologist presents forecast while cameraman films

Weather World is a weekday weather telecast begun in 1957 by Charles Hosler, dean of Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, who wanted to provide more accurate forecasts for Pennsylvanians. Since its inception, many professional meteorologists have received their initial television experience on Weather World and have gone on to provide forecasts for […]


AccuWeather is a family-owned global commercial weather forecasting company founded and based in Centre County. AccuWeather reaches an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide through its various services and media partners.